New Class Offering ~ Explore & Grow!

Come let us Explore and Grow: An Invitation to deep explorations for personal and collective growth and higher consciousness as a way of life, in practical ways.

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Mahaal has developed a new program for his clients and others who are interested in the well being of their lives, internally and otherwise.

Class size is limited to five people, and can be arranged for a weekend (Saturday, Sunday) or an extended weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) of Processing, Consultation, and Meditations.


Programs are designed to include such experiences as:

  • Get help with the everyday issues at hand – Dealing with life’s practicalities while incorporating higher consciousness in your life.
  • Go deep into awareness of your life’s most pressing issues.
  • Press the reset button.
  • Formulate, develop, upgrade, and evolve a life plan.
  • Immerse in very deep processes and meditations.
  • Learn, expand, & upgrade working with Humanity’s Higher Sacred Self. Looking at the highs and lows in the world today.
  • Creating disciplines of moving forward with greater consciousness, consciously. Dealing with your own highs and lows.
  • How to relate to one’s Self, consciously, in the most beneficial manner: in deep friendship. How to see, use and interact with one’s gift(s).
  • Healing, improving relationships & exploring relationship in areas previously neglected. How to deal with the highs and lows of relationships.
  • Partnerships (personal, business, social, and Cosmic).
  • Cosmic Energies – how to beneficially interact with them, explore them, use them, improve our capacity to embody them, and experience them most deeply as we move forward. How to deal with the highs and lows of energy flows.
  • Making all the above fun, comfortable, elegant, practical, relatable, and have continued deepening processes and Advanced group sessions as we go along.

(* Not every topic will be covered in depth in each weekend – classes always evolve in greatest support of the individuals/ group attending!)

If you are interested in hosting one of these classes in your area, or have a group of people you would like to coordinate a weekend for, let us know!

The Phenomenon and the Gift ~ March 2017


March 4&5, 2017 – Multiple Locations in eastern US and Canada.
A gift so many of us have been waiting for has finally arrived! The Oneness Guides will be teaching through a LIVE feed directly from the Oneness Temple, putting participants through deep processes and offering a potent experience of The Phenomenon of Oneness. This is a very rare opportunity to experience how truly Blessed we are.Oneness Guides will be teaching from the Oneness Temple, one of the most sacred places on the planet.Don’t miss this powerful 2-day program taught by Oneness University Guides in very high states of consciousness via live telecast where you:• Experience teachings about the Phenomenon of Supreme Light
• Participate in powerful meditations
• Experience processes to raise consciousness levels

More info/ locations/ register here:

Life Transformations – February 2016



The Phenomenon and the Gift February 26-28, 2016

The Phenomenon and the Gift weekend course with Oneness University Guides broadcast live from Southern India : link to register, here:

(This is an event only available in person – it will not be available online)

THE PHENOMENON AND THE GIFT weekend offers you the opportunity to experience ancient teachings for the modern world, sacred meditations and powerful processes led by the Oneness Guides directly from Oneness University in southern India. We are truly blessed to have this rare opportunity.

Online Meditation With Sri Amma Bhagavan!

golden orb photo of sri murthy Julia DNamaste Oneness Family,

Celebrating the third anniversary of the Golden Age, we will be having a special online meditation with Sri AMMA BHAGAVAN.

December 20, 2015
8:30pm Pacific Time; 11:30pm Eastern Time

(India time: December 21, 10am IST)

Sending holiday wishes, and a happy Golden Age Anniversary from Oneness University Guides and Evolve and Lead.

Awaken St. Thomas!

Join Mahaal at his events in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, this December! Mahaal will be joined by Awakened Oneness Trainer, Julia Hanson.

Tuesday, December 1 – Evstthomasportening Presentation on Oneness, Deeksha, and Higher States of Consciousness



Friday Evening, December 4 + Saturday & Sunday, December 5 & 6 – Oneness Awakening Class – must attend all days. Register here: Awaken St. Thomas

Mahaal is also available for in-person sessions on Monday, December 7!  Register here: Consult with Mahaal

To register, and for more information, contact: Julie Eaton-Bryan   340 998 4733

Or email Evolve and Lead at

The Practicality – and the Necessity – of Awakening

Awakening in Oneness is SIMPLE. It is practical. Oneness applies to EVERY THING in our lives. And the benefits are far-reaching and un-quantifiable – but become very obvious, over time.

Often when we contemplate a shift in Consciousness, having a greater connection to the Divine or, having better experience of life and living, we omit looking at the practicalities of having a shift in Consciousness.

We have been living in and with the conflicted self for so many lifetimes that we have sunk to the depth of accepting that, this is as good as life gets. Not so! Life is meant to be extraordinary in all ordinary ways each day no matter what things seem to be like.

We have spent so long a time and wasted much energy thinking ourselves small and thus separate.

Parts of the new practicalities of living are:

  •  Being able & see each moment for what it is without being judgmental.
  • To become aware that pain & suffering is not the same. To see that suffering is optional. To rise in Consciousness by Divine interventions and be liberated from suffering.
  • To be liberated from hurts, fears, the conflicted self, from insecurity and making others insecure so that we relate to and about ourselves and to one another from a place deep inner Awakening ever expanding.
  •  To be given the benedictions of continuous Awakening, Transformations and the gifts that come as we grow.
  • That we have an ever deeper connection with whatever ones Divine is so that life experiences shift to growing inside out with benediction of Peace, instead of trying to survive in pieces where separation consciousness keeps us stuck in hurts, internal wars that spill out to being a war with oneself and each other.
  • Growing in higher consciousness is to experience the shifts in how we relate to life, ourselves and one another without have to pretend to be better than, or, be a victim as a way of life.
  • A deeper Friendship with the Divine means our everyday life keeps on improving in ways we can relate to without being holier than another.

The ever expanding joys of living are not only possible, but are available to everyone directly.

Loving one’s self is a practical matter and a gift given by one’s Divine. It opens the doors to endless possibilities made manifest and experienced joyfully. And, when it seems joy is not present, we are able to see that joy can never abandon us no matter what things seem to be.

Intensive Process with Mahaal in Chicago area

What an amazing process: Sacred Chambers Plus – stay tuned for more adventures!

There are a few more spots open/ a couple of days left to register for the Sacred Chambers Plus intensive weekend in Wichita, KS,USA.

All info here: Sacred Chambers Plus with Mahaal in Wichita, KS


Shift. Evolve. Lead.

Mahaal offers many programs, including one-to-one consultations, “Life Support Sessions with Mahaal,” a day-long Sacred Chambers Process, and a weekend intensive “Sacred Chambers Plus” program.

Life Support Sessions-new flyer

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and for more about the Sacred Chambers, check out this link:  Sacred Chambers in Waterville, Maine, USA

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Checking Our Perspective…

We are fraudulent when we buy into the conflicted mind as our guide and intelligence. We are cuddling with fraudulent ways when we hold on to the mindsets and belief systems that got us in the mess our live are in, inside out. We keep rebranding the conflicted approach and laud it as the best thing since sliced bread.

We are unaware how to be with the personalities that arise in us and assert themselves. The right and wrong personalities, good/bad and better than are forces of the conflicted mind we cannot control. We cannot control the mind. We cannot make the mind not be about conflicts and fraudulent behaviors contrary to our true nature. To play the game of life and play it well (truly beneficially), we must be liberated from the perspectives of the conflicted mind. We must have a neuro-biological shift. A shift in perspective of everything, starting with what we think of and see as the self. We must be helped so the mind stops using us. The moment is now for us to instructively, consciously and with full Awareness of The Giver use the mind the way it is intended, here in the Golden Age.

When we are living in pain, hurts, fears, agitations, in defense mode, and embracing petty, shallow, hollow so-called success and hunger for importance, we are really not living. We are merely existing, being used by the conflicted self for its existence. This is a fraudulent way to live. It makes us do, say and be crazy harmful to ourselves and everyone. We think and feel separate from our true self and each other and behave poorly.

And when we deny that this is what we are doing, THIS is what is fraudulent.