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Checking Our Perspective…

We are fraudulent when we buy into the conflicted mind as our guide and intelligence. We are cuddling with fraudulent ways when we hold on to the mindsets and belief systems that got us in the mess our live are in, inside out. We keep rebranding the conflicted approach and laud it as the best thing since sliced bread.

We are unaware how to be with the personalities that arise in us and assert themselves. The right and wrong personalities, good/bad and better than are forces of the conflicted mind we cannot control. We cannot control the mind. We cannot make the mind not be about conflicts and fraudulent behaviors contrary to our true nature. To play the game of life and play it well (truly beneficially), we must be liberated from the perspectives of the conflicted mind. We must have a neuro-biological shift. A shift in perspective of everything, starting with what we think of and see as the self. We must be helped so the mind stops using us. The moment is now for us to instructively, consciously and with full Awareness of The Giver use the mind the way it is intended, here in the Golden Age.

When we are living in pain, hurts, fears, agitations, in defense mode, and embracing petty, shallow, hollow so-called success and hunger for importance, we are really not living. We are merely existing, being used by the conflicted self for its existence. This is a fraudulent way to live. It makes us do, say and be crazy harmful to ourselves and everyone. We think and feel separate from our true self and each other and behave poorly.

And when we deny that this is what we are doing, THIS is what is fraudulent.

What is our model of “leadership” ?

We’ve been exploring Leadership and Fraudulent Practices…  Have you considered this?

Our models for leadership are out dated at best and were ill conceived in the first place. We need a fluid model given and flowing out of an ever-expanding conscious Consciousness. We need the gift of “Seeing. ”

To See Is To Be Free – Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan, my Teacher.

Seeing is a gift given by the Giver. To see, we must be given Awakening, Inner Transformation and all the gifts that naturally and automatically follow these ground breaking shifts. We have been blindly following the invitations of the conflicted over-active mind based in low consciousness.

To make matters worse, we have mistakenly taken a low consciousness approach, lauded it as cutting edge, and then we’ve been repackaging it in fancy wraps for ages. We have made up stories of so-called successes and made  liars of ourselves, believing and defending miseries mixed with fallacies taken for progress.

We have been fooled by our own willingness to cozy up to the conflicted self, the mind, as our source of inner intelligence. Inner intelligence comes from a peaceful loving, happy place. This place is intelligence itself, The Giver. There is nothing fraudulent about it or how it functions. It is always open and ready to help us see our internal and external fraudulent ways without judgments, so they can naturally fall away without injury.

The Giver loves us no matter what and must help us grow into wholesome ways of leadership and living. To truly live as a Leader and not succumb to pressures of the conflicted mind in you and others, you must be given the gifts of Awakening and Transformation. You must be gifted with non-interference and a quieting of the inner conflicts without struggle.

You cannot manage stress for it to be in anyway useful to you.

Look at your life. Look at you. Notice how you really feel, inside out. You cannot manage inner conflicts or prevent them from spilling outwards. One of the death traps Leaders place themselves in, is thinking and believing that,like everything else, they can manage their way out of inner conflicts and stress. Good luck with that.

Stress management is a very clever trick of the mind to keep us engaged in the ways of conflicts without even recognizing that that is what we are doing. The conflicted mind is awesome like that. There are some of us who will defend and argue for stress management. Low consciousness will do that to the best of us. It shows us how right and practical we are.

That brings us to looking at what we certify as “right” and “practical” even when it causes hurts, pains and death. We have certified our fraudulent ways as practical and right. We claim our rights to do this to ourselves and thus others in the name of leadership.

Are you willing to examine these ideas, and truly SEE what it is that we have been doing, with out labels or judgment – simply to acknowledge what you are doing, and the reasons you are giving yourself about why you are doing it?

A Degeneration of Leadership?

For lifetimes, Leaders have become progressively inept by design, mindset and belief systems to even seek help concerning the well-being of the people they serve and lead, due to self deceptions and lack of inner integrity. We resist seeking help for ourselves and are bitterly repulsed at the invitation of going outside our inner circles for help. Or, to accept  “unconventional”  help.

Secrets, denials and intentional deceptions have become an acceptable model of what we call sound leadership. The currency for these practices are born of and dictated by the over-active conflicted mind we have become dependent on.

Here we are in the Golden Age and, The Giver is openly visible, available and helping us. It is giving liberation from stubbornness, chatter, blindness, fraudulent ways and story telling among other grievous ailments we have been suffering from for lifetimes.

Are we ready and open to respond anew?

Leadership and our Fraudulent Thoughts

How do we see and how do we feel about fraud and fraudulent practices? As a human society, we feel so strongly about protecting our selves from fraud and fraudulent practices that we have made and enacted tough laws dealing with these matters. (This of course has not stopped us from dealing fraudulently to secure the edge, control, leverage, to appear as winner and claim profitability.) Why then have we been so reluctant over lifetimes to be truly liberated from internal fraud? Why are we so stubborn on matters of internal fraud, the actual cause of external fraud? Haven’t we experienced deeply what other inner conflicts have caused us? Haven’t we boasted as Leaders how attentive to details we are? Are we not the ones that talk much about thriving, success and prosperity? Or, are we just kidding?

More thoughts to come – but what do YOU think?

Divine Presence – Consistency – and Peace

Excerpt from tonight’s online Oneness Meditation with Mahaal:

You could feel the presence of the Divine no matter where you are. So time, space, and distance plays no part in this process, except the distance we put between ourselves and our Divine.

So, we’re going to speak a little bit about Consistency. If you notice, and you have, the conflicted mind is consistently chattering. You’re going to bed, it’s chattering…you’re sleeping, it’s chattering…so you wake up to it chattering… throughout the day it’s chattering. So we know that consistency exists (laughing). What bothers us is when we choose to be consistent about what we want to be aware of, what we want to be consistent about, and it is not happening.

And in this case, in terms of feeling and experiencing great Peace, consistently in every moment, in everyday, in every way…Here is the thing about consistency as it applies to your growth and your processes, because your processes are ever expanding. You’re always growing internally…You cannot “make” yourself consistent. You can’t “think” peace and you can’t make yourself consistently “think” peace and “be” peaceful. We have tried that for lifetimes. We now know it doesn’t work. We have said we want a mountain of evidence. We’ve got it and then some (laughing). So we can’t make ourselves consistent, no matter how we try. Even when we are shouting at the top of our voices about peace and fighting for peace and trying to make people “do” peace, not even that we can be consistent about, because we get tired and we get angry because it’s not working. Of course it’s not working, and it shouldn’t.

You see the mind wants to take credit for EVERYTHING, for every moment. And so, if we could make ourselves “do” consistency, you would not be going through the processes that you are, because you would be so far away from growing and expanding. You’d be all caught up in your mindsets and belief systems, while hurting like hell. And a lot of us have done that. Been there, done that. So how do you go about being consistent in your focus, internally? How do you consistently be about peace, truly, without trying to “do” peace, without trying to “make” you be peaceful or trying to “legislate” others to be peaceful? We know that doesn’t work. How do you go about being that though?

Ask that which is sacred to you. Ask your Divine. Ask the golden ball of grace, ask the light, the Divine intelligence, whatever it is for you, to give you the consistency in experiencing and expressing the experience of peace, of focus on your processes.

In Oneness, we talk about Liberation. And Awakening according to Oneness, Oneness as Oneness University and Sri Amma Bhagavan, and us their devotees talk about Oneness, Liberation is the declutchment from the over-active, conflicted mind. And this is done by the Divine, this is done by grace. You can’t make yourself do it. That is the process of growing into and experiencing peace. Peace is a gift.

So we’re in the season where we talk a lot about Peace on Earth. Well, we have been talking for a while, haven’t we? For lifetimes. But now it is a reality, because we have the evidence that no matter how we consistently chatter about peace, it does not give peace, it does not make us peaceful. We know that we can’t make people “do” peace. And so because we have asked for a new approach, for a different approach because the one we have been using has not been working, the Divine has showed up with Liberation from the conflicted mind. And so truly, there is Peace on earth now, being experienced in MILLIONS of hearts around the planet. Our old outlook and perspectives of Peace has changed and are changing. Because Peace has never been what we have been saying it is. We knew that all along, but now we are admitting to it. That “Ok…yeah, I was just talking. I was just jibber-jabbering…Let me ask for Peace. Let me ask for the process, so Peace can be realized in my life…For peace to be on earth and not just talk. Nice, flowery, pretty, inspirational TALK.”

We know it’s nonsense when we just sit around and a few times a year, or when it is convenient, that we have these big talks about peace. And we gather panels and we talk nonsense. And all that is happening is that everybody are strutting their self-significance. None of that has anything to do with peace. Peace is a gift given to us. This is how Peace be on earth. That we’re given the gift of Peace. And it is when you’re EXPERIENCING Peace inside that you start to experience Peace with your parents…with your children…with your ancestors…with this planet…with all those around you, because you’re experiencing it inside. Peace is something you EXPERIENCE INSIDE and then it flows out into everything and everywhere you are. It has nothing to do with talks and legislations and pretty, nice words. And because we have tried the routes of having peace where we try to “make” everybody do what we want them to do, and they have, and we’re even more miserable. And we have not been peaceful because people are doing what we want them to do. And they have only done it for a short while, and then they get tired too.

So the consistency of Peace, for it to be experienced consistently, NO MATTER WHAT IS HAPPENING, it requires and must…Liberation from the over-active, conflicted mind. For Peace to be on earth, this must occur. This is what many around the planet, millions of people now, are recognizing. That for Peace to be on earth and be a staple, for it to be consistent, it happens truly with the Liberation from the conflicted mind.

And for those who are new on the broadcast, for this to happen for you…You ask. In fact, this is why you’re here. It is because you have been seeking for this experience of Peace. Well, you can stop seeking now, and ask. And when you ask, it MUST occur. Except, be advised, that it will never happen the way you think it should. Because we know that way does not work, how we think things SHOULD occur. The Divine intelligence knows what it is doing. And if you find you don’t have trust in that, ask for Trust. Ask for the gift of Trust. And because you’ve asked, Peace will be given to you by the way of Liberation from the conflicted mind. Let there be Peace on earth. Thank you.

New Focus

When the focus is turned inward with support, encouragements and help, one can grow, causing the inner conflicts to fall away naturally. Inner stillness can then flourish and flow calm into everything we touch.

Being in the flow is having heart intelligence gracing all of one’s life. This makes our leaders more attractive to connect with the hearts of people everywhere. Happiness becomes the driving force producing results that will astound. Happiness affords and causes inner calm, the flow of mastery intelligence, inner flexibilities and efficiency in adjustments, when shift happens.

With shifts happening, we start to see how we do not know how to have compassion and care for ourselves, and ourselves in each other. With this we naturally ask for this gift. Now more shifts happen. We start to see how we have been dependent outside ourselves due to the unawaken mind. We start to see how we have been forced to be dependent on the mind and desperately try to be independent of The Giver. Now we start to see how, for us to live, we must be given help so we can be The Giver’s qualities realized, and function with compassion. We now are able to see that what we were depending on the mind to do, is so not its job. However, it pretended and did a good job being its conflicted self.

Many run around with all kinds of studies, and hold up bibliographies as a means to legitimize the mind chatter. Some do so knowing, some unknowingly. The scheme of numbers and measurements are trying to take a last stand but there is no footing to be found like they used to. One can use all the latest buzz words and phrases, talk about consciousness, conscious living and such. One can say they are of the heart and about the heart and sound convincing. One can even try to show evidence that they are successful with what they are offering. Many even go as far as outlining what we can experience.

However, here is the thing; if you are not inviting people so they can be declutched from the conflicted mind, without them entering in a new round of fighting and blood sport resistance, what good are our offerings? What good is our measurement? How do we even know how to be discerning and focus solely on our helper, The Giver? If we are still trying to manage stress and conflicts inside out, what use is the guidance we are giving and receiving?

Since our measurements are conflict ridden and conflict supportive, of what help is our present system and guidelines? I am aware that many make a living staying away from the core issue that haunts us all to unspeakable madness. Not withstanding, that cannot be a reason to still stay stuck on the old premise, with conventions, mindsets and belief systems. We must grow. We were made to grow, flourish and be at peace, realized.

The hunger to fight inside out, to try and be sane in any fashion, must go. Our source of pain, war, faulty leadership, numbers that make for fuzzy math must be seen for what they are. The source of help must also be seen, taken and embraced for what it truly is. “Man cannot make it on his own, help must be given to him.” – Sri AmmaBhagavan. To be helpless and surrender is divine. To realize you have used all the matrix, all the studies, done all the gymnastics and that your Ancestors have been down that same road for lifetimes, is to realize you are experiencing a shift of monumental importance.

Not just for your position of leadership and to wow onlookers far and wide, but for your life as a whole. For better health in ALL your relationships. For inner wellness and the outer reflections of profound, indescribable experiences bubbling inside. We must be given the shift from the clutches of the Mind by our competent source, The Giver. The Giver must now be our source and resource to guide us so our creations be useful in fabulous ways yet to be experienced.

For any teaching, guidance and what we hold sacred to be consistently helpful in ways that conventions cannot do- but pretend to be able to – we must be liberated from a false sense of freedom, a false sense of progress and the idea of change. We cannot liberate ourselves. If we could, (and god knows we have tried so we could take the credit) we would be truly free ages ago. If we could do it on our own and revel in the credit, we would already have S/heroes with patents and copyrights. The poor would not have a chance. The middle class? Some, maybe.

Humankind must be helped. Help is here, right in the privacy of your neuro-biology and the heart, which is no private matter. Once you are given the Benediction of liberation by The Giver, you will and must affect life accordingly with a smile. Heart smile. I call it Deeksha smile.

For the hearts of Leaders to smile and permanently show up in leadership no matter what, a permanent shift in how we have been wired must first occur on a massive scale. The process for this shift works for everyone, bar none. If you have a religion or no religion it must work for you. Measurements and findings in studies cannot be practiced for you to have this meaningful shift from the core, sore of the infections that human pain and suffering arises from.

Years ago, I was shown how humans suffering and in pain caused by the mind have no boundaries to class, race or of a selected few. The over active conflicted mind is an equal opportunity distributor of suffering, turmoil, upheavals, and constant interferences to all. It does its job very well to the point where it even has us believe we have had breakthroughs beating its systems of conflicts inside out.

We then go about cuddling with the fallacy of “better than” and for those “other” people, “them”, as “worse” and “less than.” With this we act with the arrogance of seeing the so called others  as less fortunate. Then in order to feel good about our selves, our systems of measurements and pretense tell us we must help the less fortunate that we so enjoy having among us for us to continue to feel fortunate. By helping to keep the so called less fortunate stay visible, and say how much we are concerned for them, we stay visible, “the fortunate ones.”

How about if we ask for help so we focus on Liberation, Leadership Consciousness, healing and setting right our relationships, making our Ancestors proud by the clearing of our long held Ancestral turmoil and pains. How about if we get together and bond with The Giver so we discover the wonders of a shift of perception? What if we were to ask for help to step away from our measurements and start anew, no matter the fears we worry about? What if we were to find out the number that would most help now is, “ONE”-ness? One Love. One Heart. One focus, and be in sync with that which gives the gift of true HAPPINESS is possible. In fact it is happening now and all can be in on it. Our Leaders have a responsible to step away from the attachment to measurements dependency.

To Evolve And Lead is not beholden to measurements, theses, theories, conventions and other fears. It takes facing our fears with the help of The Giver. Contrary to what the mind will tell you, the grass is greener with a shift of Awakening.

Justifications for Measurements?

The justifications we are attached to for why and how we are obsessed with measurements and how we measure is a developed habit over lifetimes with hopes of scoring big, winning, to be bigger and better than. We have used these measurements trying to forecast and project. Our dependency on the numbers game is founded in lack, blindness and ignorance. We are lacking the awareness and consciousness to feel, care, to produce based on a deepening bond with nature, people, places, things and The Giver as a friends visible to us.

We have been blinded by the mindset and belief systems we have idolized for lifetimes. We have been reluctant to truly see for fear of what we determined to be the so called unknown. Just what do we think we know and how do we know that another way of being is to be feared if we say it is unknown? We have been ignorant for lifetimes as to what we were really built for.

We were made to live and live according to and with great inner comfort. Inner peace is a given, a birthright, an intended default way of life. We are meant live being love realized as our default way of functioning across the board. We have been ignorant to what it means to live and as a result arrogant. You see, especially for a number of people, we have been fooled by the mind to believe we are living and know what it means to live and how.

So, we justify our measurement practices much to or detriments. From our measurements, we came up with what we call Best Practices. As we have experienced, these best practices have not worked well for us. So we go back and try to fix, repair, change and do what we can to make or measurements work. After all, we claim numbers don’t lie. Numbers are used to show what we want them to show when we are ruled by the mind.

To better use numbers and language in context, we must have a neuro-biological shift, an activated heart and other neuro biological rewiring. The old wiring has signals meant to give the mind dominance to interfere in everything. To be fearful, be suspicious, act in deception and deny all of it at any and all cost. The old wiring gives rise to disruptive personalities all fighting for dominance at every turn.

The over active conflicted mind does not rest. It goes on even when the body is at sleep. We never truly get to fully rest as a result. No matter what the studies say, you cannot really rest when the driver and boss of you is EVER active. What then must become of our measurements, studies and findings? It a miracle we have lasted this long on this planet. It is truly The Giver’s interventions that have kept us going and not destroy ourselves anymore than we have. Plus the mind would not have any proxies to carry out its wishes while it could still boss us around if we were left to demolish ourselves.

This gig however is up. The mind is now getting more and more love directed towards it that ever before. This is new for the mind. It is familiar with fight, flight, push, pull and denials. Yet, here we are in 2013 approaching 2014 and many of our leaders and those they lead are not finding the internal boxing ring attractive. Tug-of-war is loosing audience and participants. Over worked muscles for the push pull conflicted affairs are hurting and asking for help to be otherwise utilized with love as their resource for relaxation and strength.

Dependency on the numbers game must go.

With such intense focus on measurements, we placed the individuals, the innate qualities and the intuition as less that secondary in favor of the system of calculations. We left out the internal process that “must” occur for meaningful emergence of leadership that no calculation can define. Since we have now turned inward and to The Giver, there is no dependency on measurements, research, comparisons, or the wanting of any scientific evidence or certification: leaders can now turn the focus inside. As such, they grow, are in the flow and shine. The flow of Awakening plus the other gifts come with Awakening is the way to grow. Leaders must now grow and grow on a new premise.

This growth is an inside job devoid of conventions.

Measuring What? Leading, How?

We are looking at measurements, and noticing that putting measurement systems first is a source of many ills.

Well, now we know only a declutchment from the over active conflicted mind can help in a lasting meaningful way. Let it be noted, this is not where we go argue about this, and anyone tries to win at convincing anybody. I have no such interest. I am reaching out to those forward looking folks who have the interest of life on this planet high on their list, and care not to rely any longer on convention. The ones who are seeing how the mindsets and belief systems have not worked. We will not waste each other’s time by arguing. Each person has to decide on the degree of their pain, discomforts, inner conflicts and what kind of dance one is still willing to put on in denial. It’s your call as always. We all will and must shift now or later, willingly, or kicking and screaming, and will still have to shift, like it or not. The collective will no longer sit around and wait for their leader to use their made up numbers game, hoping for the best from the same old dance, even if it has seemingly different lyrics.

For us to move away from resorting to systems of measurement for all the deceptive reasons we have been using for lifetimes, it takes a shift in perception. A shift in how we respond to the everyday personalities that arise due to stored memories, and the conflicted mind that does its job so well.

For us to move into the intelligence of The Giver, and Leadership Consciousness, we must be willing to give surrender a chance. Fully experience self significance, fear of loosing, fear of becoming a no body, and the fear of not wanting to appear weak. Only when we are given the Benediction of “Seeing” can we see what the driving force behind our stubbornness to hold on to our suffering, parading it as a badge of honor and for sympathy.  It is a miracle that we have managed to still be around, after giving in to measurements so deeply, and  much to our individual and collective hurts. We have had some good karma given to us, helping us out.

The new platform helps us see and use numbers in new ways, with a whole different treatment. Treatments we will use only in context and not as a source of hurt, suffering or distraction. Instead of depending on measurements for all the reasons we have, we will focus on The Giver and be leadership consciousness (See previous postings on Leadership Consciousness) realized and ever expanding.

Leadership and Measurements

As far back as 1869 (and you can tell that the quantification of leadership were going on long before then), folks have resorted to the distraction-quantification of leadership. Instead of seeing people from a place of an open activated Heart, we resorted to the conflicted mind to show us how to see leadership, leaders and everything else. For us to have taken this from as far back as, and before 1869, it shows how we have been seeing ourselves and each other for lifetimes. It shows how we have gotten caught up in distractions, quantifications, conflicted seeing, conflicted hearing, comparisons caused by inner conflicts.

There is also a dismissiveness caused by the conflicted self and a devaluing of one another to boost self-significance. None of this could have been helped from not happening. When the mind is large and in charge, conflict in every moment rules as a taskmaster, with the deceptive promise of rewards. The mind’s reign is now fast ending with the presence of true liberation, free to “ALL” bar none. We well know that before now, when we hear ALL, it makes us think and question, all as with which group? When we say liberation for all it means just that. “ALL” of humanity. Leaders all over and in every sector should be very happy about this shift. People everywhere can be very glad of the kind of leaders and leadership that will emerge from people liberated and happy as a result of “The Inner Shift.” Celebration anyone?

The poor applications of measurements have run us into an abyss. We have used measurements to ruin people, institutions and countries. Of course, we have recent and present world crises due to the (mis)use of measurements. The Housing crisis mess. The Wall Street meltdown mess.

We acted as if we were not aware of what our leaders were up to and what would become of it all. A Leadership mess. Leaders’ lives turned upside down due to the system of measurements. This has been causing ruin to many Leaders, at all levels, for a very long time. Many have destroyed themselves in so many ways.

Some ran themselves into the ground without the chance of a comeback, because they still hold true to the very system that did them in. Many are ill emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and for some, all of the above. Many families have been torn apart. Many families are in deep pain and suffering, to the point that suppressants and the usual stimulations are useless to them. We could go on and on about what the systems of measurements have done to and for our experiences for lifetimes.

Some still think they can beat the numbers game and they feel they will be the new s/heros. After all, winning is said to be everything. This is so even for the ones who talk trash about how and why they do what they do, and it has nothing to do with the numbers matrix. However, we know what’s going on, and what drives them. We blame the shareholders and stakeholders for their demands.

Shareholders dodge behind a glass door and play puppet master. They blame the people out front for not preforming according to what their numbers say and what they, the shareholders, were promised, no matter what.

The funny thing is, when you look at the system of education, how parents and prospective parents are treated because of the system of measurements and ill perceptions, it make you wonder. What kind of leaders and leadership will emerge? If the measurement systems we worship are all that, then why are there so many failing schools? Why so many are kept away from the right to learn and grow? Why the segregation, separation, smothering of innate brilliance in so many ways? Why are people getting away with treating the halls of learning ever so poorly? Where is the accountability and measurements to help these ills?  Where is the evolution? Where is the leadership?