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What we currently offer:

NEW CLASS: Explore and Grow Weekend Program!

Evolve –>Leadership Training Program

Evolve and Lead Trainer Immersion Program

Evolutionary Leaders Mentoring Groups

Evolutionary Leadership Mastery Group

One-on-One Consulting


What it is:

This is building a new platform for all of life’s evolutions. This naturally evolves us as leaders in every aspect of our lives. When specifically applied to leadership roles – the experiences are expansive beyond all preconceptions. The premise is Oneness. This is process-driven. It’s about thriving on the new platform.

What it isn’t:

Adapting “new ideas” to previous consciousness; trying to make this fit into what is already being done; a quick fix; building something “new” on an old, crumbling platform.

How it works:

  • Explore & Grow Weekend Intensive (an EAL program)for small groups of individuals (five max per group) – an intense and energizing exploration of internal and external experiences.

See details here: New Class Offering ~ Explore & Grow!

  • Evolve->Leadership Program:  for business owners, c-suite executives, individuals looking to evolve their self-leadership.  Process includes all of the following:

     Introductory Program (an EAL program)

Half-day, process-based, full-immersion experiential course to introduce the approach and begin the process of focusing on the Giver. Includes Meditations at beginning and end of program.

   Oneness Awakening Course (a Oneness University program)

This process is fully sourced in Oneness, and the OAC is incredibly effective for the initiation/ deepening of the awakening experience

   8 Modules (presented as in-person intensives or over the course of two months) (EAL programs)

Process-based experiential course to immerse participants in the focus, with practices, explorations, exercises and applications, with check-ins built in to process

   On-going mentorship (an EAL program)

Instructors remain involved with and available to participants as their processes unfold

Various mentorship levels are offered: free (for 6 weeks following completion of class); General Mentorship; Mastery level

   Evolutionary Leaders Mastery Group (an EAL program)

Mahaal & Elizabeth personally offer an intensive Evolutionary Leadership Mastery group. Details available upon application.


Contact Mahaal and Elizabeth for more information:

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